Giving Reliable Mold Remediation to Oak Harbor, WA

Because the northwestern islands of Washington are surrounded by water, you may have to deal with moisture and humidity often. All that moisture will surely seep into your ceiling, walls, and even your floor, making it an ideal breeding ground for mold. It’s therefore essential to call professionals for mold remediation when you’re in Oak Harbor, WA.

And that’s why Cascade Mold Inspection LLC has dedicated itself to servicing the majority of the state, including your city. Proudly opened in 2017, we have helped countless customers in eradicating mold from their homes. Our processes begin with a visual inspection, which is followed by gathering data from air and surface samples for mold testing. This applies not only to Oak Harbor, WA but also for all our service areas. Once done, we’ll move on to removing the mold from your surfaces.

So whenever you need mold remediation around Oak Harbor, don’t hesitate to call us at 360-399-6204 or email us at Tell us about your concerns and let us help you live mold-free!