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Whether it’s mold inspection or remediation, we can take care of all of your mold related needs. We look forward to working with you!

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Cascade Mold Inspection LLC is a mold solutions agency established in Anacortes, WA aimed at developing sustainable living conditions free from mold. Founder and Owner Luke Larson provides excellent mold inspection, sampling, remediation protocol and post remediation verification services that set them apart from the competition.

While mold detection might sound easy for a homeowner to do without professional assistance, this is far from the truth. There are proper procedures that only certified mold inspectors, like us, know how to utilize effectively for full mold inspection and identification.


If you suspect that your home is being contaminated by these fungal troublemakers, hire us for our quality mold inspection in Skagit County, WA, as well as in Anacortes, Bellingham, Puget Sound, and Burlington, WA


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We offer mold inspection and sampling to assist homeowners protect their home and health.

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