Fighting Dampness Through Trustworthy Mold Remediation in Everett

Being among the closest cities to the Northwest Pacific, Everett can be a pretty cold and damp place to live in. So when any surface starts showing signs of growing mold, remediation is the best solution for every Everett home!

Cascade Mold Inspection LLC is the ideal partner for you! With years of experience, you’re guaranteed that our processes will leave no trace for mold to grow back.

Using cutting-edge equipment, we are able to determine the type of mold in question. It also enables us to come up with the right procedure to remove them. In other words, mold removal for your Everett, WA home is guaranteed.

So if you think that your house is becoming a breeding ground for mold, contact us. Just because you’re not seeing any mold doesn’t mean that there isn’t any. To get in touch with us, you may call us at 360-399-6204 or send us an email at Feel free to visit our Contact Page or our Services Page for more information.

With Cascade Mold Inspection LLC, Everett’s lack of sunlight and dampness oversupply is no longer a concern.